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Welcome to BoxAR Rescue!
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 A Righteous Man Cares for the Needs of His Animals
Proverbs 12:10 

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It's now March and we are reducing the BoxAR calendars to $10.00 each.
If you order them using Pay Pal please be sure to pay $12.00 for each calendar and include your complete address so we can mail it to you.  If you order 2 Calendars the cost is $23.00, 3 calendars is $44.00 and 4 calendars is $44.00. These costs include postage. 

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As the New Year starts
I would like to thank all of you that have supported BoxAR Rescue this past year.  Those of you that have sent Donations, supported our fundraisers and volunteered to help us.  With your support we have been able make it another year.  I would like to appologize to those who have not had timely answers or responses to your adoption applications, we have been working short handed but we are trying to get them done.  Please have patience with us.  Our Board and our Boxers wish you all a Great and Prosperous New Years

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 Good news!
Amber & Brandon's previous owner was able to take them back.  Both the dogs and he are very happy 

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BoxAR is in dire need of Foster homes
Area shelters are constantly overflowing with animals, including many purebred boxers. BoxAr Rescue can only save those that we have foster homes for and our current foster homes are full, which means boxers are in danger of being euthanized. Please consider opening your home to a boxer in need by applying to foster.


Why Foster????...this is why!

Will you please consider filling out a foster application and helping a rescued boxer.  Fostering means taking in a dog that may not have had a very good start to life and you give that boxer a home to live in, love, good food and a little training and get them ready to go to their furever homes.




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BoxAR is running with the Big Dogs!


 Big Dogs

BoxAR Rescue nubbs are wagging and happy to say we love BIG DOGS. Please click the above link and BoxAR will get 15% of your order!

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 BoxAR Rescue and the boxers needs your help.


Please sponsor one of the following dogs and help us give them the chance to be happier, healthier and more adoptable. You can do a one time donation or monthly, this is your choice. Become an Angel to a boxer in need. Please include the dogs name. You can click the PayPal donate button or send a check to P.O. Box 1565, Little Rock, AR 72203. Remember all donations are tax deductable.














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What if BoxAR Rescue earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? is a search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and it's powered by Yahoo!, so you get the same quality search results that you're used to.


Just go to and be sure to enter BoxAR Rescue as the charity you want to support, or click on the image on the left to take you right to our link! Just 250 of us searching four times a day will raise about $4,000.00 in a year without anyone spending a dime!






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  BoxAR works very hard to find the perfect home for each one of our dogs and when that Forever Home is found, it is a dream come true. Many of the dogs in rescue have had to endure neglect and sometimes abuse so when BoxAR finds them a home where we know without a doubt, they will live out a life of love and compassion till they turn old and grey, it is the ultimate reward for us.  


 Making a donation is a tax deduction. We have many needing heartworm treatment and the costs varies from vet to vet and city to city up to $500 per boxer. Please help us with donations so we can get all the boxers treated for heartworms and other vetting needed, so they can be adopted. This will open up foster homes, so we can rescue more SWEET BOXERS!!!    


Please use the PayPal Donate button or send a check to the BoxAR address in the upper left hand corner. Our boxers will love you forever and you know you can't resist looking in their eyes and giving them a wonderful life!!!   



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       Running BoxerRunning Boxer


 Please check out our boxers needing Foster Homes.

Quick Links: Foster and Adoption Applications  




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Too many boxers come into rescue when families have babies and feel like they just can't keep their dog anymore. That is just not true. Boxers are great family dogs. If you know anyone who is considering giving up any family dog due to a baby coming, please forward them this website -
It has some great information to help the transition! :)








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